The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action. Often people raise their performance to a new level, if they are made aware of the high work standards expected of them. Optimizing processes in a company results in cultivation of good work habits, which get permanently inculcated in the company’s work culture. At QualCon, we adopt a systematic way to approach a site. This includes step by step execution of the project which assures the client of quality work.

We offer the following services:

  1. Concrete Test
    • Concrete Compressive Strength
    • Core cutting (In-situ strength)
    • Concrete cube strength by accelerated curing
  2. Concrete Mix Design
  3. Non Destructive Test (NDT) for Concrete
    • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
    • Rebound Hammer Test
  4. Brick/Block Test
    • Compressive Strength
    • Water absorption
      • Dimentional Analysis
      • Efflorescence
  5. Cement Testing
    • Comprehensive strength
    • Initial and Final setting time
    • Standard consistency test
    • Fineness test
    • Soundness test
  6. Sand Testing
    • Sieve Analysis test
    • Silt contet
    • Specific gravity test
    • Water absorption test
  7. Coarse Aggregates
    • Sieve Analysis test
    • Silt contet
    • Specific gravity test
    • Water absorption test
  8. Soil Investigation
  9. Tile Testing
  10. Wood Moisture Test
  11. Reinforcement Bar Testing
    • Yield Strength
    • Ultimate Tensile Strength
    • Elongation
    • Bend Testing
    • Weight per meter test
  12. Fly ash – Fitness Test
  13. Compaction test for Murum / Soil
  14. Proctor density test
  15. Field density test by core cutter & sand replacement method

Following Tests are Covered:

  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Cube Testing/Compressive Strength of Concrete
  • Cement Testing
  • Brick Testing
  • N.D.T. (UPV/Rebound Hammer)
  • Soil Testing (Proctor Test, Field Density)
  • Core Cutting (Provisional)
  • Accelerated Curing for Cube Testing
  • Tile Tests (Provisional)
  • Coating thickness (Provisional)
  • Moisture Control for wood (Provisional)
  • Reinforcement Bar Testing

Our Value-added Services:

Quality questions create a quality life.

Construction Industry all over the world is evolving very fast. Constant exposure to newer technologies and the expertise to choose the appropriate and suitable ones is the need of the hour. You have to ask quality questions to arrive at better solutions. Qualitative technical inputs regarding working drawings given by our experienced engineers help prevent execution – related and planning – related issues cropping up later.

Our technical team keeps itself updated with the latest global trends in construction. With its sharp focus on Cost optimization/ reduction, it can suggest you better and innovative options regarding materials, techniques and processes available. As a result, Techno upgradation becomes feasible without any risks; bringing the cost of your project down. E.g. Use of fly ash and 100% crushed sand to control cost.

Our teams experience also results in overall effective wastage control.

Thanks to our 100% checking of plumbing and water-proofing activity. Post-construction Maintenance issues are minimized.