Our Core Team

Our Core Team includes some of the best names in the Construction Industry. Highly qualified in their respective fields, they adhere to the strictest quality norms of construction and insist on building in the quality rather than improving it later.


Management Team

Mr. Ramchandra Soman

Mr. Ramchandra Soman


B.E.Civil, with 22 years of professional experience in various aspects of construction execution & quality assurance quality control and team building and leadership.

Mr. Ajit Borge

Mr. Ajit Borge


B.E.Civil, with 14 years of professional experience in construction operations, quality assurance quality control and technical applications.

Mrs. Arati Soman

Mrs. Arati Soman

Head HR / Finance

M.A. Sociology, with 14 years of professional experience in accounts.

Mrs. Ashwini Barve

Mrs. Ashwini Barve

Head Accounts / Admin

BCom. Pune University, with 25 years of professional experience in Accounts & Admin

Our Advisory Board

Some of the Construction Industry Stalwarts have been associated with us by agreeing to grace our Advisory Board. We can always tap their talent and expertise to guide us through any challenge.

Mr. S.B. Soman, B.E.Civil, with 50 years of professional experience and expert in cost effective housing. Also has been a member of FRC committee, Chennai.

Operations – Site Team

Engineer = 9 nos
Craftsman = 4 nos
Back Office = 5 nos


Safety = 1
MEP = 1
Training = 1

The Way it Works

“Everything can be improved”.

QualCon’s fool-proof, thorough and methodical Field Quality Plan FQP – ensures that no detail is neglected at any step, throughout the Project. This systematized, standardized and focused approach ensures the delivery of a quality product at all times.

Seven Steps to Quality (to be shown by way of a flow chart / building blocks)

  • Orientation Meeting with Site Staff for Concept Explanation
  • Creation of Quality Assurance Manual Acceptance and Tolerance values are defined (finalization of field quality plan for the project)
  • Field Demonstrations / sample approval of works/ activities.
  • Field Training for workers at every stage of work.
  • Periodic Field Visits of Engineers for inspecting work and enlisting shortfalls
  • CAPA (Corrective/ Preventive Action Plan) is created ( fortnightly Quality review meeting at site management level )
  • Implementation Report in the form of Non-conformity Closure Report is submitted.( System Implementation report monthly with review meeting with top management )

Our Work Philosophy

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

At QualCon, we believe that productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard work, relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our core values are integrity, strict adherence to the set norms and total reliability.
The raison dêtre of this organization is promoting quality, durability & consistency in the field of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA-QC), training, construction project management, project co-ordination and allied engineering services.